A Walk in the Park
Ep 31 walk in the park
Episode Number 31
Preceded By A Piece of Cake
Succeeded By Lost and Hound (Part One)
"A Walk in the Park" is the 31st episode in the Shopkins cartoon series.


Official Synopsis

Apple Blossom has taught Milk Bud lots of cool tricks!


The Shopkins are hanging out in the park, and Apple Blossom decides to show her friends how she's been teaching Milk Bud how to do tricks! Milk Bud can shake, roll over, sit, speak, do complex algebra problems, and even speak French! (much to Slick Breadstick's surprise) Milk Bud can even turn June Balloon into a balloon animal! But there is one thing he can't do, and that's fetch! When Apple Blossom has him try to fetch a stick... he instead brought back Slick Breadstick!


  • When Milk Bud is speaking French, he says, "Bonjour, je m'appelle Milk Bud!" which translates to, "Hello, my name is Milk Bud!"
  • This is the last time the episodes will be using the "Shopkins, Shopkins!" Season 1-4 intro.
    • This is also the last single part episode.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 31 "A Walk In The Park"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 31 "A Walk In The Park"

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