Acting Up
Ep 2--Acting Up
Episode Number Two
Preceded By Check it Out
Succeeded By Loud and Unclear

Acting Up is the second episode of the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

In this episode, Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips try to teach Strawberry Kiss the fine art of acting but will she succeed or fall flat on her face? Watch to find out!


The episode begins with Apple Blossom creeping down an aisle of Small Mart and screaming at the sight of cheese. Strawberry Kiss runs over to see what's the matter, at the same time Lippy Lips comes over to congratulate Apple Blossom on how great her acting was. Lippy Lips and Apple Blossom prod Strawberry Kiss into trying to act as if she's afraid of non-existent cheese monsters. Lippy Lips believes Strawberry Kiss is a bad actress until she leans up against a cheese display and causes a roll of cheese to fall on top of her head, startling her. Lippy Lips then praises Strawberry Kiss on her reaction to the cheese falling on top of her head, which she thought was Strawberry Kiss acting.


For a full transcript of the episode, click here.


  • In the beginning of the episode, the top part of Lippy Lips is turned left. But later on it turns right and never turns back again.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 2 "Acting Up"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 2 "Acting Up"

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