Applemobile is a Season Two Cutie Car.


  • Name: Applemobile
  • Model: Buggy Buddy
  • Features: Core Wheel Drive - so he can get up steep hills!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Loves to help learner drivers. He's a real teacher's pet!


An apple-red buggy with cat ears, winking with his tongue sticking out and a white muzzle. He has light yellow wheels and chartreuse interior. On the sides are dark red and white sliced apple designs, and the roof resembles the top of an apple with a green stem, leaf, and a flower.


  • He resembles Peely Apple Wheels.
    • They have the same roof ornament.
    • Their side designs both consist of sliced apple.
    • They're both cats with white muzzles and purple eyes in the artwork.
    • Their shopkin's artwork is the exact same image but recolored.


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