Beauty Pageant
Ep 8--Beauty Pageant
Episode Number Eight
Preceded By Breaking News
Succeeded By Christmas Sing Along

"Beauty Pageant" is the eighth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Kooky Cookie and Strawberry Kiss strut their stuff on the runway to be crowned "Miss Shopville".


Lippy Lips is the host of the annual Miss Shopville beauty pageant! The finalists are Strawberry Kiss and Kooky Cookie, who's taken Spilt Milk's place after she had an accident with some oranges. The first event is a fashion show. Strawberry Kiss sports a fruity hat, and Kooky Cookie appears wearing nothing... until she takes a tumble on the runway and becomes entangled in a white carpet which just so happens to manifest itself into a beautiful dress and hat! The next event is a question round in which Lippy Lips asks the girls, "If you had one wish in the world, what would it be?" To which Strawberry Kiss replies, "Oh, I wish I could meet Katy Berry! She's amazing!" After witnessing a pea fall out of Strawberry Kiss' hat, Kooky Cookie replies, "peas," which Lippy Lips interprets as "world peace." Lippy Lips then brings out the previous year's Miss Shopville winner, Cupcake Queen, to crown Kooky with the official Miss Shopville crown.


  • This is the first episode that Apple Blossom hasn't been in.
  • Katy Berry is a parody of the singer Katy Perry.
  • This marks the first time a Limited Edition Shopkin appears in the series.


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 8, "Beauty Pageant"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 8, "Beauty Pageant"

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