Bella Bow is a Shoppie released in January 2018 with the Shoppet Bowdie Bear as a part of the first wave of Season Nine.  

In August 2018, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Petite Boutique as a part of Lil' Secrets Season One.

In January 2019, a new version of her was released in the first wave of Party Pop Ups Shoppies as a part of Lil' Secrets Season Two.


Bella Bow is one Shoppie who wins ribbons for her bows! She has some serious tying styling! From head to toe there's a pretty bow. Only her Shoppet Bowdie Bear and her two stylish Shopkins, Claire Straightener and Chloe Comb know how to style a wild look like Bella's!



Bella Bow has a light complexion with neutral pink lips and blush. Her eye-shadow is light yellow and pink, and her eyes are pastel blue and pale pink. On her rich cheek is a light blue paw print. She has waist length teal curly hair with purple streaks and straight cut bangs, and a portion of dyed hair is worn in two buns. She wears a big dark pink bow on her head. Her outfit consists of a white blouse with frilly cuff that has a tiny dark pink ribbon matching the larger one on her chest, a light pink skirt with pale blue lining around the hem and a pale blue and light blue ribbon pattern above it. Above this is a pale pink pattern, and a section of white above it lined in dark pink. A big, dark pink ribbon is sewn to the back of the waistband. Her socks have small dark pink bows on the corner, and her pale pink shoes have dark pink ribbon wrapped around the top and a stylized light blue and dark pink heel.

Lil' Secrets

Bella wears dark pink lipstick and soft pink eye-shadow and a pale pink decorative mask. Her hair is entirely teal and worn in tightly curled twin-tails, and on her head is a dark pink layered ribbon and headband with a metallic lavender crown adorned by a pale pink ribbon. Her dress consists of a frilly white top that has three metallic lavender bows and a dark pink waistband to accent the frilly lining of her light pink skirt. Around the hem is a pattern of lavender ribbons, dark pink upside-down hearts, and sparkles. A long flowing lace piece of fabric hangs from the back. She also has pink shoes with ribbons on the ankle and a bow on the toe, white elbow gloves, and a pale pink frilly choker.



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