Berribelle is a Lil' Shoppie that was released in the Gourmet Kitty Kitchen as part of Happy Places Season Three.


Berribelle loves filling her kitchen with the smell of mouth-watering muffins! Warm hearted and caring, Berribelle loves sharing her baked creations with her Petkins, But how does she bake the best muffins in Happyville? It's not that hard... "There's muffin to it!"


Berribelle is a tan-skinned girl with sea green eyes and pink lips. She has pink hair worn in several curls and adorned by two large raspberries. She wears a white dress with crimped skirt lines and an alternate trim, and around her shoulders is raspberry-colored fabric. A chain of raspberries wrap around her neck and down the right, wrapping around the back and side of her waist. She also wears raspberry themed shoes with a bow on the ankle.


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