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Funytoi123 Funytoi123 31 May 2021

tell me what's cookin' literal parody



my voice really just changed

im pointing down to the recipe

holding a bowl

stirring nothing

somehow whipped cream just appeared

gave bubbleisha the whipped cream

singing to the spatula

i am so not very ok

holding a jar of sprinkles

do a test, add cornell mustard

when we snap sparkles come out

this lemon is made of sparkles

this blender is cgi

the background just changed

do weird foot move

my hair is so weird

how is my hat not falling off?

do strange arm move

this song is getting repetitive

these shoppies makeup

does not match their hair

buncho's playing a wine glass

sparkles just come out of this cupcake

i just hope they're edible

apple blossom is our next ingredient

not in …

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Jaduide Jaduide 22 April 2021

I desided the new character!

  1. Ok so it’s gonna be like strawberry kiss
  2. is gonna be a cool suit!
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Jaduide Jaduide 22 April 2021

More characters

Should I do more characters because I have a lot of ideas?!and the next will be...

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Thediamondpeach2.0 Thediamondpeach2.0 21 April 2021


Anyone else accidentaly run across this and check it out for the nostolgia? I remember when these were incredibly popular. I loved these things, and still do. It's kind of sad seeing that Shopkins evovled into Real Littles, I personally think that Shopkins were better. Tbh, Im about to cry. I miss these things so much.

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Cherryberry1456 Cherryberry1456 17 April 2021


I haven't been active on this wiki in a long time so I'm not very up to date on the most recent seasons of Shopkins, but I'm aware the line has probably discontinued seeing as Shopkins has split from Real Littles, which is now its own thing. It's a bit sad to think about, but when they first came out I wasn't expecting them to last much longer than The Trash Pack did, so I'm at least impressed they came that far.

Anyway, I've been coming back to this wiki occasionally to clean up things since I've discovered a lot of the pages from the later seasons are lacking because of the lack of official artwork. I'm not exactly sure when the collector's tool went down, but now the Shopkins World website itself is gone and only leads to Moose's website…

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SamiScrambles16 SamiScrambles16 6 March 2021

A note about adding an "Antagonist" category

Hello everyone,

I would just like to clarify the whole idea about adding the category "antagonist" to pages like Scarletta Gateau and the Biscuit Bandits. They are the only two antagonists in the history of the Shopkins franchise thus far (that is, if Shopkins come off of their hiatus), and it's rather pointless to make a category for just two pages.

This is the reason why edits adding the category "antagonist" to these two pages are undone. It's just not necessary. Therefore, please refrain from adding this category to these pages.

Thanks so much! I hope everyone understands :)


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MarshmallowMilk000 MarshmallowMilk000 2 March 2021


Hello there! It's one month since I joined this Wik!

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ALE4126798 ALE4126798 19 February 2021


Im one candy shoppie and im new

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JackTheFunniestMan JackTheFunniestMan 25 January 2021

JackTheFunniestMan's favorite Shopkins (season Three)

Another list of my favorite shopkins. (I'm also adding a gallery)

  • 1 Bakery
  • 2 Hats
  • 3 Shoes
  • 4 Sweet Treat
  • 5 Fruit & Veg
  • 6 International Food (My favorite catergory)
  • 7 Homewares
  • 8 Stationery
  • 9 limited edition
  • 10 Gallery

Cheese Louise - Brown

Queen Of Tart - Purple / Silver

Patty Cake - Teal / Purple

Lana Banana Bread - Yellow

Toastie Bread - Orange

Candy Cookie - cream

Birthday Betty - Pink

Wendy Wedding Cake - White

Nilla Slice - Orange

Casper Cap - Purple / Green

Hattie Hat - Yellow

Toni Topper - White

Shady - Purple

Tayor Rayne - yellow

Beverley Heels - purple

Jennifer Rayne - yelow

Lizzy Lace-up - red

Sneaky Sally - purple

Snug Ugg - Orange

PopRock - pink

Cream E Cookie - Brown

Macca Roon - yellow

Chocky Box - Brown

Wanda Wafer - red

Choc Kiss - silver

Suzie Sunday - red

Candy Apple …

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Ohnoitsvolleyball Ohnoitsvolleyball 19 January 2021

Shopkins are waning in popularity

It's sad :(

How do I fix this

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