• Ponycatduckdog


    January 4, 2020 by Ponycatduckdog


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  • Lyraaxinchuan

    Shopkins Trading

    January 2, 2020 by Lyraaxinchuan

    Hello there! Would anyone like to trade Shopkins?  I've got a few up for trade!

    Here they are:

    • Purple Princess Purse (season 7)
    • Blue Suki Sushi (season 8 wave 2)
    • Yellow Scuba (season 8 wave 2)
    • Yellow PopRock (season 3)
    • Regular Polly Polish charm (season 5)

    I would like... (wishlist)

    • Mary Meringue (any color) (season 2) 
    • Linda Layered Cake (any color) (season 5)
    • Claudia Cake (any color) (season 8)
    • Uhhh... any season 2, 3, 5, or 10 Shopkins!

    Please DM me through Instagram if you would like to trade, my account is @sweet.celestiaaa (name: ri🌩). My toy account is @aesthetictoysnaps (name: kairi lin)

    Thank you!

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  • VioletDreams17

    I don't see  many shopkins reviews anymore, and new releases are a bit slow. I feel like that with lol surprise omg, it's taking shopkins down. I feel it's time to step in a new direction. With the shoppies dolls. After all, they are more popular then the shopkins. Moose Toys should create newer, articulated and taller dolls. But I doubt it will happen since Moose Toys is now like a blind box factory. even Hairdorables is making new taller dolls! 

    Oh, and make more popettes and Pam cakes! 

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    So, as the title suggests, yes it has been a year and I am back. Sort of wanted to see the Wiki again and check up on things. So hello! Have been finding my old comments everywhere and they are... really... bad. I mean, technically I was still a kid. I’m actually old enough to be here now lol. Has anything interesting happened in the past year?

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  • Lava stamp

    ay : 🎤

    August 29, 2019 by Lava stamp

    No, I’m not dead lmao. I’ve just been losing interest in FANDOM and spending too much time on roblox, that’s all.

    Today is exactly two months before my 14th birthday. I’m seriously growing up ;-;

    I joined FANDOM when I was like 9, and looking back, I realized how stupid I was because I didn’t even know about COPPA, where children 12 and under are forbidden to create an account on FANDOM. I could have been blocked here then if y’all were so kind. Thanks for that :,)

    I might come back here like every 3 months or so to see how this place is coming up. Gives me the feels :(

    See y’all in November

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  • RainbowUnicorn 507

    Hey hey hey SWEETHEARTS!!! (FYI, I call my subscribers sweethearts.) Today I'll explain to you how I got my first ever 12 pack!! It was just a normal day and I visited ( It's a greek website ) that sells ONLY toys. Then I saw a Shopkins Season Seven 12 pack and I decided that I would like to purchase it. My parents agreed and we bought it a few days later. Fast foward to after 4 days, the package came. I was gone crazy when I saw it ( Because my father works at a cafeteria, I managed to stay awake before he came in the house. And when I got out of bed ( My grandma made us a visit as well,) I saw my grandma sitting on one of the chairs in the kitchen, and I saw my dad holding the package.) Then when I opened it, I LOVE…

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  • Ronjatherobberdaughter

    One bright and sunny Friday morning, the Shopkins in Shop Mart woke up excited. Friday! Shop Mart was closed on the weekends, so it was the last day of standing straight as soldiers all day on the shelves. They were never bought, anyway.

    Some of them had been bought along the way, but not many. They still missed Lucy Limeade and Tilly Tortilla Chip, but that was a long time ago.

    That fateful day, however, Slick Breadstick was sitting bored on the Bakery shelf when a HUGE hand reached in, picked him up, and walked off!!!

    Tucked under a human's arm, he noticed Buttercup lying in a plastic shopping basket in the person's other hand.

    "Buttercup!" he whisper-shouted. "You're here too?"

    Buttercup looked up. He looked sad, but it turned into a look of s…

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  • RainbowUnicorn 507

    Hi everybody!! Today I'll explain to you how I got my first ever Shopkin!! It was a normal night and I was at my dad's cafeteria along with my godfather and we decided to buy the newest Shopkins Join The Party magazine!! When I finally got it, I used a pair of scissors to open the free blindbag inside and I found Alice Fruit Salad!! I know she's just a rare Shopkin,but she still was very cool!! Check ya later,guys!!

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  • SamiScrambles16

    Hello everyone.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have made a request to change my username. Since my interest in Shopkins has diminished over time, I wanted to change my name from something that screamed Shopkins fan to something a little more broad and subtle.

    My new username that I requested is SamiScrambles16. Yes, it's the name of a Shopkin, one of my favorites, too. However, I thought it would be more broad as many people do not know what/who Sami Scrambles is.

    Also, why the 16, you might ask? I joined wiki in the year 2016, so I just put 16 at the end of my new username.

    The process of my username change has started and will take some time. I just wanted to let you all know in advance so you would be aware.

    Thanks guys for understandi…

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  • Chrismh

    Kindi Kids??

    May 27, 2019 by Chrismh

    I'm very sorry if someone already posted something about this, I'm not one of those super heavily involved members here, nor am I super up to date with Shopkins so this could be old news.

    Anyway while watching youtube I happened to see a video about "Kindi Kids", toddler Shoppie dolls apparently? They have Marsha Mellow, Donatina, Peppa Mint, and Jessicake:

    I was writing this because I was wondering if anyone knew more about these. Like are they a spin-off line from Shopkins, is there a website for them or anything?

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