• WatermelonSunshine

    Hey guys! This is Madison with some shoptastic news! I just got a 12-pack of season 2 Shopkins in my Easter basket! I got:

    (Yellow) Cornell Mustard

    (Pink) Prommy

    (Blue) Shampoo Sue

    (Green) Lisa Litter

    (Green) Dippy Avocado

    (White and Red) Poppy Corn

    (Brown) Pecanna Pie

    (White) Leafy - lol toilets

    (Green) Heels

    (Blue) Toasty Pop

    (Blue) Sippy Sips

    and the best one...


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  • WatermelonSunshine

    Moose recently emailed me some of the names of the Season 3 Shopkins, as a reply to an email I had sent them earlier. The names revealed in the email were:

    • Kitty Kandy (the KitKat)
    • Secrets (the diary)
    • Peachy Keen (the peach)
    • Ban-Anna (A BANANA!)
    • Cher E. (A CHERRY!)
    • Creamy Cone (one of the ones included with the Scoops truck)



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  • FoxyFoxy 77

    Shopkins favorites

    March 27, 2015 by FoxyFoxy 77

    Hello world! This is FoxyFoxy 77, and this is a page where Shopkins fans can go crazy over the Shopkin of the week. In honor of my first 12-pack, this week's Shopkin is.......... Waffle Sue!!! Leave a comment below if you have any ideas on what other Shopkins of the Week I should do. Bye, and remember: "Once you shop, you can't stop!"

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  • Cherryberry1456

    I have made threads in the forums about spamming in the past, but not many users took notice of it. I have made this blog to say that this excessive spamming has got to stop. It has been occuring a lot more frequently than before.

    Spamming includes: Making random comments not related to the article, putting false information/random gibberish into pages, and making random pages. 

    Spamming is against this wiki's rules. If you spam, your edits will be undone and you will receive a block from this wiki (not permanently, though).

    If you see spamming, either undo the edit yourself or tell me about it and I will do something.

    Thank you for reading this, and remember PLEASE DON'T SPAM!!

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  • WatermelonSunshine

    I have had enough with the IP address wikia cons here. They are creating useless and short pages with bad syntax and grammar, adding spam comments, and spamming on talk pages. I will contact Wikia sometime and see if they can be disabled from the wiki. It worked for Mixels Wiki and Coconut Fred, Wonder Pets, and Murps Wiki, so why can't it happen here?

    ATTENTION ALL WIKIA CONTRIBUTORS WHO DON'T HAVE ACCOUNTS: Please refrain from making spam edits and creating useless pages.

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  • Xxneedtogetoutoftherexx

    My shopkins experience started with my younger sister wanting to buy the small mart from TOYS R US. I was just wanting to get some shopkins for my younger sister and we got her the small mart and i think one or two packs of Season two or season one of the shopkins. My little sister was so happy to have shopkins she told me that i was the best sister ever. That says a lot if she blames you for almost everything.....

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  • Lava stamp

    Am I crazy?

    February 21, 2015 by Lava stamp

    My name is Lava stamp and I'm so crazy about shopkins and limited editions. Ok bye.

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    Favourite Shopkins

    December 18, 2014 by

    Suds is myne

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  • Chrismh

    Well I was thinking about it, and have decided that maybe it does, but maybe it does not. I noticed that most of the shopkins I like are from items or foods I happen to enjoy, so it would seem to be the case. But I also saw some things I enjoy, but do not like the shopkins of. For example, Melonie Pips. She looks... alright, and maybe a little cute, but I can't say she's one I would consider a favorite, or even liked, so far. 

    The same applies to Posh Pear, Kooky, Lolli, etc. 

    So I ask you now, do you tend to pick the Shopkins based on the things you like, or something else?

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  • Chrismh

    Where To Find Shopkins

    October 16, 2014 by Chrismh

    I was actually a little but curious, the website lists that Shopkins can be found at Toys R Us, and Target. But I was sort of wondering, has anyone found them elsewhere?

    It's kinda sad for me because last Saturday, they had a whole stand FULL of the sets of so many, playsets, and such, but due to forgetting money at home I couldn't really get any at the time. So when I returned a day or two prior to my birthday they still had NONE, then the day before my birthday they only brought out the 2-packs and my mom didn't want to risk getting me any repeats so I didn't get any. But today I just bought a bunch of the packs, finally fed up with waiting for more bigger sets XD

    At our Target they don't have them. Which is weird since they tend to get st…

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