• TheSnuggleKinz

    Hey everyone! We found a lot of listings from Walmart and Target on for new Shopkins products!

    A new line of Shoppies made in partnership with celebrities has been revealed! While there aren't stock photos yet, the celebrties are JoJo Siwa (Dance Moms actress & Nickelodeon star), Mackenzie Ziegler (Dance Moms actress & pop singer), Gabi Demartino (Fashion vlogger & thank u, next star), and Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things actress & rapper).

    Are you excited for all of these new Shopkins products? Comment down below!

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  • TheCrazyCoconut

    Here's a fun game, take a shot every time you see a Shopkin with the word 'Lil' ' ,'Lil' or Little in their name. You'd be dead (actually don't do it lol obviously). But in all seriousness, there are a lot of Shopkins related spinoffs and characters with the word "Lil'" in them. They have this really weird obsession with it... But, here I am, waistin' time on a blog post documenting how many there are. So kids, let's dive into the weird obsession (I have another word for it but I don't think I can use it here) of Moose using the word Lil so much that it is unoriginal and cringe-worthy!

    • Lil' Secrets
    • Lil' Shoppies
    • Lil' Unicorns
    • Lil' Pink Baskets (for the Real Littles)
    • Real Littles (aka S12)

    1. Little Sipper (Season 1)
    2. Lil Red (Season 3 (Food Fair))
    3. Li…

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  • Cherryberry1456

    I'm making this as a belated birthday post for this wiki, because this Saturday marked the fifth anniversary of the day I found out about Shopkins and created this wiki! It's really difficult to believe it's been that long. So many things have changed since then! People who were babies when this wiki was made are now old enough to be starting kindergarten. I hadn't even started high school when I made this wiki and now I'm graduated. Unfortunately I've sort of lost interest in Shopkins and haven't been making as many edits as I did in the past, but I always check on the wiki every so often because I never want to leave for good. (I seriously didn't mean to go the whole month of February without making edits on here but I WAS pretty busy la…

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  • MinegishiMinami

    Hi there! Here is our list on our current Season 11 Shopkins! (As of March 24th, my sister's birthday!)

    The O'lollies: (5/5)

    Daddy Candy

    Lolly Mommy

    Ollie Lolly

    Molly Lolly

    Pop Tot

    The Bumps: (3/5)

    Boo Hoo Bandage

    Billy Bandage

    Baby Cotton Ball

    The Scoopers: (2/5)

    Sabrina Soft Serve

    Nana Scoops

    The Bakers: (1/5)

    Larry Loaf

    The Drinky Dinks: (5/5)

    Cuppa Cocoa Carl

    Mama Milkshake

    Charlie Hot Choc

    Sister Shake

    Mini Milk

    The Jelly Nutsons: (5/5)

    Peanut Poppa

    Momma Jelly


    Jilly Jelly

    Lil' Nutty

    The Sweetstons: (2/5)

    Sister Sweetie       DOUBLE

    Itty Bitty Candy      DOUBLE

    The Greentops: (2/5)

    Arthur Asparagus

    Artie Choke

    The Chockies: (3/5)

    Daddy Choc Block

    Choc Chad

    Chipper ChocChip

    The Donutties: (5/5)

    We will be updating this and we will hopefully get more Shopkins!

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  • Lava stamp


    March 1, 2019 by Lava stamp

    Random random random random random random random random random random...just kidding this wasn’t the purpose of this blog. People hate spamming...please don’t kill me. I simply forgot how easier life was then.

    This Wikia is still very nostalgic, I used to spend so much time here.

    I joined this community 5 years ago...TIME?!?!

    I love Pokémon and Plants VS Zombies. Their nostalgic :p

    The Season 1 was alright. RIP. Season 1.

    Hey! Guys! Remember TOILETS? Well, guess what? TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS.

    Middle school is so hard. I hate it. Why does school exist...

    I have a phone now! Lol I literally complained about not having a phone.



    ok that’s it

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  • Lava stamp

    Hey .-.

    February 27, 2019 by Lava stamp exists I guess. Look, I’m sorry for abandoning you all. I just lost interest in Wikia and never found the time to come back. This is so nostalgic lol Too bad I lost interest in has grown so much when I started collecting as a 9 year old...good times... I’m 13 now, which means I’m now the appropriate age for Wikia We are all growing up very fast, eh? I’m looking at my message wall. You guys probably forgot about me now. Huh? What am I doing back here? Well that’s a long story. I just wanna say hi. Ok imma quit wasting your time good bye

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  • ShopkinzSurprise

    Toy Fair 2019

    February 17, 2019 by ShopkinzSurprise

    New Shopkins

    On this blog post will have all the new stuff that will be coming out in 2019. Some of the photos are from instagram and Snuggle Toys. This blog will have the newest stuff that will comes out in 201

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  • TheSnuggleKinz

    New York Toy Fair 2019

    February 17, 2019 by TheSnuggleKinz

    Hello! This blog post will contain images of all new Shopkins products shown at the New York Toy Fair 2019, and I will be updating it every time there are new pictures found.

    I am not sure if this is a completely separate line of Shopkins or a side season/actual season, but a new line is going to be released called "Real Littles." These seem similar to the Oh So Real Mini Packs, but the Shopkins themselves look like they are actually made to look like brand foods rather than match brand foods color-wise. One of these packs almost looks like it might even contain actual cereal...

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  • Dana2361

    Shopkins Collector Tool Site

    February 15, 2019 by Dana2361

    Has anyone looked at the Shopkins Collector Site? It is a mess. I knew it needed updated but it has so much wrong info on it. Shopkins.Toys is the same way, it looks as if they got their updated info from the Shopkins Collector Site. 

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  • ShopkinzSurprise


    February 3, 2019 by ShopkinzSurprise

    Have you all noticed there have been so many clearances! And also on Instagram at Toysnfluff (Meagan) She found some shopper packs s10 for $2.50 and the Happy Places Campervan for $7. Today I went to one of my stores and found some Happy Places 3 pack for $0.47. And on another page I saw that someone got Marsha Mello Lil' Secrets version for $3.

    An can anybody still believe that World vacation is still in my country!

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