Blossom Apples is a Shoppie released in August 2017 during Season Eight as a part of the third wave of Core Shoppies.                                   


Blossom Apples - Cute To The Core!

Never afraid to take a bite out of life, Blossom Apples is always ready for her next adventure. Fresh faced and sweet to the core, she can sometimes get a bit over top about the benfits of apples. But when it comes to the crunch she'll always go out on a limb for you!

Favorite Hobby: Apple Picking

Shopkins BFF: Corey Cupcake & Kandy Apple

Favorite Place To Shop: "The Big Apple" Juice Bar!


Blossom Apples has a light complexion with green and yellow eyes, peach lips and blush, and gold eye-shadow. Her long green hair is pulled up into tightly curled drill twin-tails held with a bun on the top and decorated with red apples, one of which has flowers. She wears a chartreuse top with a white vest and yellow ribbon at the middle adorned by a tiny red apple, and a white scalloped skirt covered in a red apple pattern, each with a tiny white heart on the corner. Her green shoes have an apple etched on the toe with two gold seeds and a chartreuse sole. They are paired with leg warmers with a ribbon matching the one on her top attached to the bottom.



  • On the artwork for her doll, Blossom Apples is depicted with white blossom earrings. Her doll, however, does not have earrings.


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