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Bowdie Bear is a bear Shoppet who was released in January 2018 as a part of the first wave of Season Nine Shoppets. She matches and is included with the Shoppie Bella Bow.


Bowdie Bear wins ribbons for her bows! She knows how to tie them with style! From head to toe there's a pretty bow. It's a Wild Style that makes Bowdie and her Shopkin Honey Pots a pair of beautiful belles!


Bowdie Bear is a bear with light blue fur and pale pink eyes. She has a lighter colored heart-shaped mark on her left eye. Her nose and inner-ear are dark pink, and she wears a large, dark pink ribbon adorned by a lilac paw above her single, curled section of hair. Her outfit consists of a white top with a ruffled light pink skirt and a dark pink ribbon on the corner that has a paw on it.


  • According to Ambear Bow's bio on the back of her box, Bowdie Bear is her twin.