Breaky Crunch is an ultra rare Pantry Shopkin from Season One.


Favourite Hobby:

Working out

Your friends would describe you as...

Full of energy and ready to go at a moments notice, definitely a morning Shopkin!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Spilt Milk

Where do you hang out?

In the cereal aisle!

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Bowling and staying in shape


Surprise gifts




He goes against the grain.

Best Friend:

Spilt Milk

Greatest Fear:

Getting soggy


"Nothing can box me up!"

Breaky Crunch wakes up at the crack of dawn each morning and heads to the gym. Lifting weights and getting in a few crunches is the perfect way to start his day!


Breaky Crunch is a pink, opened box of yellow Cheerios. He is wearing a teal sweatband and has navy blue shoes. A yellow Cheerio rests in each of his hands.

His variant is a white, opened box of chocolate Cheerios. He wears a lavender sweatband and has dark pink shoes. A chocolate Cheerio rests in each of his hands.

The artwork depicts him as a purple box of cornflakes (not Cheerios) with a teal sweatband (with a white stripe through the middle), teal shoes (both with white stripes down the center), and weights in both hands instead of Cheerios.

Both of his toys are heavily coated in glitter.

There is another variant of him from the Oh So Real Mini Packs, He is a blue opened box of yellow cereal. He is wearing a pink sweatband and has purple shoes. A piece of yellow cereal is in each of his hands. He comes in the Rice Crispy Treats Mini Pack.


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