Bridie is a Shoppie released in February 2017 as a part of the first wave of Join The Party Shoppies.

In January 2018, she was released as a Lil' Shoppie as a part of Happy Places Season Four.

In September 2018, she was re-released with a Fashion Spree Super Shopper Pack as an exclusive to Costco.

In March 2019, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Lovely Hearts Garden Party Secret Lock.


Bridie - "I Do" love a party!

Join the Wedding Party and take a walk down the aisle with Bridie! Dressed in a beautiful gown and veil too, she's ready to say "I do!" Celebrate with roses and cake and make it a day that you'll remember forever!



Bridie has a light complexion with peach lips and baby blue eyes. Her blush and eye-shadow are very pale. Her hair is white and pale pink with streaks of hot pink, pulle up into a decorative curled ponytail with her bangs swept to the left and layered beneath her matching forelocks. She wears a pastel pink headband with a lace veil covered in pale pink glittery designs and adorned by turquoise flowers, and a white cake with a pastel pink decoration on top. Her white dress has a sweetheart neckline lined by blue pearls and her skirt is short in the front and flows longer in the back, with a lace layer over it to match her veil. Her white heels have a pastel pink heart on the toe adorned by a blue pearl rose.

Happy Places

This Bridie has the same eye color and makeup, but lacks the eye-shadow and blush. Her hair is a very pale pink and worn in a curled style similar to her original, with her bangs entirely pulled to the left and combined with her forelocks to form a fancy curl that frames her face and is dyed pastel pink. Her hair ornament is the cake from the original, but combined with a big bow and frilly ribbon tails. Her white dress has a pearl blue and hot pink heart on the chest and a ribbon tied around the waist. Part of the skirt has blue pearl coloring. Her white heels have ankle straps and a ribbon on the back. 

Super Shopper

Her lips are pink and she has matching blush and glittery pale pink eye-shadow. Her pale pink hair is worn loose in several large, tight curls with matching forelocks. Her bangs are now swept to the right. Her hair ornament is the same as her original but is now pale pink and metallic hot pink. She wears a pearl pink dress with a long, flowing white lace skirt covered in large glitter speckles.


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