Bubbleisha is one of the original Shoppies released in October 2015.

In August 2016, Bubbleisha was included in the Happy Places line as a Lil' Shoppie, and was released in the Bathing Bunny Welcome Pack with twelve Petkins.

A variant of Bubbleisha was included with a re-release of the Sweet Spot Playset in September 2016.

In October 2016, the character was released as a part of the Season Six Chef Club line. 

In July 2017, a San Diego Comic Con exclusive variant of her was released. There are only 1,500 models of this variant. 

Later in 2017, a China-themed World Vacation version of her was released for wave two of Season Eight

In November 2018, a variant of her was released with the Sweet Treat Truck Deluxe playset exclusively to Walmart on Black Friday.

In January 2019, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Princess Hair Salon Secret Lock.


Bubbleisha - Bubble Trouble

With a sweet 'n' sour personality this girl can really burst your bubble. Her attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations but her Shopkins friends Gumball Gabby and Bubba Gum know that she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to.

Favorite Hobby: Bubble baths!

Shopkins BFF: Gumball Gabby and Bubblicious

Favorite Place To Shop: The Dandy Candy Store

Happy Places Bio

A Lil' Shoppie with a sweet n sour personality. But she decorates with a style that creates smiles! It’s the little details that she adds that makes her Bunny Bathroom really POP and become a beautiful place to bathe and relax the day away!



Bubbleisha has a fair complexion and pale pink eyes which match her hair. Her hair is worn in curled twin-tails, each held with three clear elastic bands. Her forelocks frame her face with a forward curl. Her fuchsia headband is adorned with several purple, pink, and yellow gumballs, and a small gumball machine attached to a yellow bow. She wears a pink top with yellow dot print and a purple collar, and circling the bottom are purple, pink, and yellow gumballs. She also is wearing a pink skirt with white, purple, and pale yellow speckles, purple shoes with several yellow gumballs circling it and making up the heel. On each shoe is a magenta bow with a yellow gumball decoration.

Happy Places

This Bubbleisha has the same skin and eyes and her lipstick is pale pink. Her hair is much lighter, done in several rolled curls to match her bangs and forelocks. She has yellow shampoo bubbles all over her head. She is wearing a short purple robe with a fluffy pink lining, pale pink polka dots, and a yellow ribbon wrapped around the midsection. She is also wearing pink fluffy slippers.

Sweet Spot Playset

Bubbleisha has pale pink eye-shadow to match her eyes and pink lipstick. Her pale pink hair is worn up in a large swirling ponytail with a thick streak of hot pink. Her bangs are swept to the right and frame her face with a streak of hot pink in the middle. She wears a hot pink headband with purple and blue gumballs, a big yellow bow with a purple gumball machine, and two hot pink polka-dot gumballs. She wears a purple top with a hot pink polka-dot gumball border and design, a hot pink skirt covered in a pattern of colorful dots and white frill trim, white tights, and light pink heels with blue gumballs and a yellow bow attached to a single gumball.

Chef Club

Bubbleisha has pink lipstick and pale pink eye-shadow. Her pink hair is worn loose in multiple thick curls, including her left-swept bangs. She wears a hot pink headband with violet sphere chef hat attached to a yellow gumball base. The dress is pale pink with a trim of hot pink around the bottom, a pink bow-tie, and a pale yellow apron with pink buttons. Her shoes are pink and yellow.

San Diego Comic Con

Bubbleisha's eyes have a decorative icon in them and she wears pearl pink eye-shadow and hot pink lipstick. Her frizzy, partially crimped hair is held in a side-tail with streaks of hot pink and her bangs are swept to the right. She wears a large fuchsia bow on her head. Her dress is pale pink and she wears pink tights, hot pink boots, and purple elbow-length gloves with hot pink bubblegum around the top.

World Vacation

Bubbleisha has soft pink lips and wears her matching colored hair up in buns held by large yellow and red bubblegum spheres. Her bangs are swept to the left. She wears a white and yellow cheongsam with red, pink and yellow spheres decorating the lower half and a hot pink ribbon wrapped around the middle. She also wears pale pink tights and hot pink slippers with yellow lining and anklets.

Sweet Treat Truck

This Bubbleisha has fuchsia lipstick and her hair is dyed baby blue, hot pink, and pastel pink, worn in a ponytail on the right of her head in two, large separate swirls held by pink and purple pieces of gum. She wears a light pink puffy dress with dots covering the sleeves and a pastel design around the skirt. Her apron is hot pink with a yellow candy design and purple buttons, and at the middle of her chest is a blue bow-tie. She wears swirled, striped tights and shoes matching her dress.


She comes with two exclusive Shopkins, Bubblicious and Gumball Gabby who are her BFF's. She also comes with a purse, a brush, a VIP card, and a clear doll stand.

In the Bathing Bunny Welcome Pack, she comes with 12 Petkins: Bathing Bunny Bathtub, Bathing Bunny Bath Caddy, Bathing Bunny Shelf, Bathing Bunny Sponge, Bathing Bunny Hair Spray, Bathing Bunny Towel, Bathing Bunny Curling Iron, Bathing Bunny Hair Dryer, Bathing Bunny Soap, Bathing Bunny Bubble Bath, Bathing Bunny Shampoo, and Bathing Bunny Conditioner.

Her Chef Club version comes with the same accessories excluding the purse, now have Bubble Cupcake and Bobby Bubble Gum as the Shopkins, and have a different look.


  • It is unknown what the name of the first Shopkin she comes with is, because it is listed as both "Bubblicious" and "Bubba Gum" on her package.
  • Her name is a pun on "Bubble" and the name "Elisha."
  • Her Lil' Shoppies doll is wearing pink slippers, but they are depicted as blue in her Happy Places artwork.
  • The Sweet Spot playset version of Bubbleisha from 2016 has glitter eyeshadow and glittery shoes. Her bodice, shoes and headband are all the same sculpts as the outfit on the original Bubbleisha from 2015, but done in different colors.
  • She is voiced by Erika Harlacher.
  • Her SDCC variant has the least amount made of any Shoppie so far.
  • While she, Jessicake, Donatina, and Peppa-Mint all were released for Season Six and Season Eight and appeared in those seasons' corresponding movies, she was replaced by Rainbow Kate in Season Nine.
  • Brazilian packaging for the original version of Bubbleisha calls her Chiclélia; the word "chicle" translates to "bubble gum," and the end of her name "lia" is used to make her name resemble a common girls' name.


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