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Candi Combi is a Season One Cutie Car. She is included in the Candy Combo Collection.


  • Name: Candi Combi
  • Model: Fun Food Van
  • Features: A sweet paint job that jumps!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes to spread her sweetness—she's a sugar-shack on wheels!


Candi Combi is a happy-go-lucky Car who is full of beans and always has a sugar buzz! Likes to come up with wacky ideas to spend the day. If you're feeling silly, then Candi Combi is the Car to hang out with!


A white van with dark green wheels and bear ears. She has a pink muzzle and sticks out her tongue with a winking eye. Her sides are covered in large, pastel pink, neon yellow, light purple, and green jellybeans. The same jellybeans sit on the roof. 


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