Carmel Topping is a rare Sweets Shopkin from Season Six. She is included in the Banana Split recipe and the French Toast with Berries recipe (on the Shopkins app).


Carmel Topping: A flavour that everyone savours! Carmel is the tops when you want to choose "Smooth"!


Carmel Topping is a yellow bottle of caramel syrup with a fuchsia label and an orange cap. Some caramel syrup is leaking out. She has two orange caramel bars drawn on her.

A variant of her is included in the Season Six collector's case. This variant is a sea-green bottle with yellow caramel syrup that is leaking out of the bottle.


  • Her name is a pun on "Caramel Topping" and the female given name "Carmel."
  • Her name is similar to the Shopkin Carmel Sauce.


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