Chandelia is a Lil' Shoppie who was released with the Grand Mansion playset in June 2017 as a part of Happy Places Season Three. She was also released as a Special Edition full-sized Shoppie exclusive to Target in September 2018.


Chandelia - She Lights Up The Night!

Chandelia sparkles with elegance and lights up every room she walks into! With an inner glow that's always on show, everyone looks up to her with adoring eyes! It's crystal clear that this is one glamorous girl with a sparkle in her eye!

Favorite Hobby: Being the highlight of the night!

Favorite Place To Shop: The Crystal Cool Jewel Store!

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is...
Having a sparkling evening with her favorite Petkin friends in her Happyville Grand Mansion! Bright, elegant and precious, Chandelia adds a shine to her interior designs and a touch of elegance to every room! And when the other Lil' Shoppies come over, the fun begins!


Happy Places

Chandelia has a fair complexion with pink lips and eyes. Her pale pink hair frames her face and flares out, with her thick bangs brushed to the right in one thick curl, and opposite of that is a magenta head piece. She wears a magenta glittery ornate dress and matching shoes, along with pearl pink tights.


This version has fuchsia lips and wears pink blush and eye-shadow. Her platinum pink-tint hair is worn loose in large tight curls with matching, shorter forelocks and her bangs are neatly tucked. On her head is a hot pink chandelier style crown with rows of pearls beneath it. She wears a pale pink dress with hot pink shoulder pieces and a chandelier peplum, along with matching heels and white frilly gloves.


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