Cheeseburger Chaser is a Season Three Cutie Car. He is included in the Tasty Takeout Collection.


  • Name: Cheeseburger Chaser
  • Model: Buggy Buddy
  • Features: A softop with a cheesy paint job but a tasteful interior.
  • Likes/Dislikes: He always likes to have Fast Fries parked by his side.


Cheeseburger Chaser is a buggy made to resemble a cheeseburger. His body is half tan, half brown, and has a white muzzle with his tongue sticking out. His wheels are pickle-green, and he has chartreuse dog ears. On his sides is a band of yellow to represent cheese, and ketchup dripping down. The interior is pale pink, and the roof is yellow with a big sesame seed bun on top.


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