Chelsea Cheeseburger is a Puppy Parlor Lil' Shoppie released in January 2017 as a part of wave one of Happy Places Season Two.


Happiness is a burger banquet topped with the perfect cheese to please! Sharing tasty grilled treats with her petkin friends in the Puppy Parlor is where you'll find Chelsea Cheeseburger! She's ready to take your order and serve it with side of smiles.


Chelsea Cheeseburger is a light skinned girl with lime green eyes and ruby red lips. She has long red hair, sculpted into two high curly pigtails. She has a green headband with a cheeseburger on top. She is wearing a yellow sailor dress with green sleeves, red neckercheif and yellow and brown trim on the bottom to resemble a cheeseburger. She has white tights and red shoes.


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