Choc Chip Racer is a Season One Cutie Car.


  • Name: Choc Chip Racer
  • Model: Convertible Cutie
  • Features: Clever and high-tech. She's one smart cookie!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes rough roads, they make her crumble.


Choc Chip Racer is a very competitive Cutie Car. She turns any situation into a contest and is always challenging others to a race. She looks out for others and is ready for that last minute save! Likes to show off her driving skills and sometimes takes one too many risks.


Choc Chip Racer is a yellow convertible with light brown bear ears and a white muzzle. She has brown chocolate chip spots, including one over her left eye. Her wheels and interior are pastel pink, and her hood is light brown.


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