Choc N' Chip are common Sweets Shopkins from Season Six. They are included in the Ice Cream Sandwich recipe.


Choc is the cookie who is in front of the other cookie, Chip.

Choc N' Chip are two ombré golden brown-to-yellow chocolate chip cookies, both of which have four brown-colored chocolate chips on their "foreheads." Chip is standing standing behind Choc, smiling, while Choc is standing in front with slightly squinted eyes and a happy expression. They are both looking at each other.


  • Choc N' Chip are one of the few Shopkins to be two characters, but one toy.
  • In Episode 44 of the Shopkins webisode cartoon, Power Hungry: Part 1, it is specified who Choc and Chip are. Relying on the pattern of the chocolate chips on their toy, Choc is the one standing in front of Chip.
  • For some reason, the pupils on Choc are unaligned in their collector's tool art.
    • This error is not fixed on the toy.
  • Their name is a pun on chocolate chips.
  • In the Shopkins cartoon, Choc and Chip are separated.


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