Chop Chop
Ep 6--Chop Chop
Episode Number Six
Preceded By Frozen Climbers
Succeeded By Breaking News

"Chop Chop" is the sixth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

In this episode, Cheeky shows off her karate moves to Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips. Stay tuned to see if she is the ultimate karate master!


Cheeky Chocolate wants to prove to her friends Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips that she can chop a few popsicle sticks stacked on top of each other in half. At first it looks as if Cheeky will never succeed, but just as she's ready to give in all the popsicle sticks crumble away!


For a full transcript of the episode, click here.



  • The title is a reference to the phrase "chop chop" meaning to do something quickly.
    • A "Chop Chop" is also the name of a dish served at Chicken Kitchen, a chain of healthy fast food restaurants in Florida and Texas.
  • This episode is similar to the episode of The Lingo Show, a CBeebies show, of the same name.


Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 6, "Chop Chop"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 6, "Chop Chop"

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