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Cici Science is a Lil' Shoppie who was released with the Bright Bunny Science Lab Welcome Pack as part of Happy Places Season Three.


Cici Science loves making discoveries in the Bright Bunny Science Lab with her Petkins. Creating new stuff in a puff and mixing up a storm in a test tube is what she loves best. Cici Science is always "Up and Atom" and working out how and why, Nerdy is the new cool.


Cici Science is an olive-skinned girl with yellow eyes, purple glasses, and pink lips. Her teal hair is long and tied into a ponytail in the back, with messy bangs. She is wearing a yellow shirt with a pink button. The shirt is partially covered by a lab coat. She has pink leggings and teal shoes.


  • Cici Science is the first and only Lil' Shoppie who wears glasses.
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