Cindy Glow is a Disney Lil' Shoppie that was released in 2017 with the Vanity Theme Pack as a part of Disney Happy Places Season One.


Happiness is...
Having the perfect place to get ready for a night of royal fun! When your friends come over, why not stay in and make an adventure of it! Cindy Glow and her friends don't need to chase the clock when the fun is in her Happy Place!


Cindy has a fair complexion with light yellow eyes and pale pink lips. Her baby pink hair is short and flares out at the bottom with a small segment in a ponytail on the right. Her thick bangs are entirely brushed to the right and frame her face with a slight curl, and she wears a fuchsia ribbon around her head with a bow and light blue clock on the corner. Her dress is fuchsia with ruffled trim and white fabric covering the chest, adorned by a pale pink ribbon with ruffled tails. This is paired with white folded socks and azure heels with bows on them.


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