Coco Cookie is a Lil' Shoppie from the Happy Places Kitty Kitchen Welcome Pack, which was released in 2016.


Coco Cookie - A Cutie Who Never Crumbles!

Coco Cookie has cooked up a look that's choc full of sweetness to keep you coming back for more! Her sweet Shopkins - Cleo Cookie Cake and Corey Cookie Bag are always chipping in to help others!

Favorite Hobby: Making people happy when the chips are down!

Shopkins BFF: Corey Cookie Bag & Cleo Cookie Cake

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cookie Cutter Café!

Happy Places Bio 

Coco Cookie adds a cute and playful look to her kitchen with her Kitty Kitchen Petkin Friends!

Happy Places Website Bio 

Coco Cookie: Someone who loves cooking up cool combos with her Petkins to decorate her dream kitchen! Coco Cookie likes to be a cut above the rest when it comes to making the Purrrfect cookie in the Kitty Kitchen! She always tries her best to please. It’s all a matter of taste when it comes to decorating her Happy Place!         


Happy Places

Coco Cookie is a light-skinned girl with bright pink eyes and scarlet lips. She has golden brown hair worn in drill twin-tails with straight cut bangs and short forelocks framing her face. She wears a white polka-dot chef hat with a brown ribbon and several cookies. Her outfit is composed of a brown frilly dress with pale cream sleeves and a cookie heart on the chest. An apron covered in cookie crumbs is also included, along with white tights and pink Mary-Janes.


Her skin is tanned and she has brown freckles. Her lips are pink and her cheeks have light red blush, and she wears gold eye-shadow to match the additional coloring in her eyes. Her hair is now brown and loose, worn in thick curled segments. Her bangs are combined with her forelocks, which still frame her face. She wears a large cookie cap with an apricot bow on the corner. Her outfit is composed of a brown and tan blouse with a gold accent at the bottom of the middle points, and at the neck is a peach ribbon. Her skirt is textured to resemble a cookie and is trim with white and brown striped ruffles, along with textured pink tights and a pair of brown and tan heels with a stylized heel.


  • Of the original ten Lil' Shoppies, she was the last to be made into a full-sized Shoppie doll.


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