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Cocolette is a Lil' Shoppie from the Dreamy Bear category in Season Two of Happy Places.

She was also released as a Shoppies Core Doll in February 2017.

In May 2019, she was released in wave two of the Party Pop Ups Line as a part of Lil' Secrets Season Two.


Cocolette - A Real Sweet Heart!

Always chasing chocolate and with a head that's filled of sweet dreams! Cocolette is soft centered and a real sweet treat to be with. Such a delight, Cocolette's sweetness will melt your heart!

Favorite Hobby: Eating chocolate. What else?

Shopkins BFF: Roxy Chock Block and Hayley Sweet Heart

Favorite Place To Shop: The Shopkins Chocolate Box - The sweetest shop on the block.

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is having a choice of chocolates to make her sweet dreams come true in the dreamy bear bedroom! Soft centered and a real treat to be with, one visit to Cocolette's place is never enough, her friends always come back for more!


Happy Places

Cocolette is a dark skinned girl with yellow eyes and cherry lips. She has long, dark brown hair with bangs styled in a ponytail with pink tips to match her large, melting bow. She wears a brown dress shaped as chocolate squares with chocolate drizzle mostly covering it and the right side and a tiny blue heart on the other lower corner. Her sleeves are lined in pink to match her tights, and she wears chocolate drizzled shoes.

Large Size

Cocolette has dark skin with honey yellow eyes, pale colored eye-shadow, soft pink blush, and fuchsia lips. She has long, dark brown hair with bangs and pink tips, styled in a high ponytail and worn with a pink headband with a big bow on it that has a chocolate drizzle and blue heart in the middle. She wears a blue sleeveless dress with a brown drizzle for the collar to accent the band around her waist. Her skirt is split into two and lined by white lace to reveal a layer that resembles a chocolate bar with a heart on the lower left corner. She also wears pearl blue tights with blue Mary-Janes that have a chocolate drizzle over them.

All Stars

Her hair is split into three colors resembling Neapolitan ice cream, coming in dark brown, pale brown, and light pink, worn in several large curls that hang loose. Her lipstick is pearl pink. She wears a glittery turquoise melting bow on a headband with a white heart in the middle. Her top resembles her original but with a glittery turquoise drizzle collar. Her skirt is blue and white striped on top with a drizzle, the lower half is light pink with a chocolate pattern and brown lace trim. She wears white tights and blue shoes with a light pink drizzle on the foot and a turquoise drizzle around the ankle.

Party Pop Ups

Cocolette's skin is tanned and she has on lilac eye-shadow and pale blue lipstick. Her long brown hair is entirely pulled up into a pair of pigtails, with two additional layers dyed pale blue and lilac, held by pointed light indigo hair ornaments with hearts on them. She wears a pale purple and indigo eye mask resembling these. Her outfit is composed of a pale indigo scalloped top with fabric wrapped around her neck and a melting chocolate heart at the middle. The scalloped indigo skirt has a hot pink and blue heart pattern on each petal, and an indigo lace layer peplum sewn over it that hangs longer in the back. Her tights are purple and she has pale indigo heels with pointed accents on the back of the foot matching her hair accessories.


  • Her name is a pun on the food "chocolate" and the girls' name "Colette."
  • On the artwork for the full-sized doll, Cocolette is depicted with blue earrings. Her doll, however, does not have earrings.
  • For unknown reasons, many stores which carried the other three Core Dolls in her wave did not have Cocolette available.