Colorissa is a Lil' Shoppie that was released in the Mousy Art Class as part of Happy Places Season Three.


Colorissa loves making masterpieces for her friends! Capturing her Petkins on canvas and brushing up on her painting skills in art class is what Colorissa likes doing. She's always up to her ankles in art! - Like she says: "it's not a messa, it's how I express!"


Colorissa is a pale-skinned girl with blue eyes and has blue hair tied into a side ponytail dipped in pink with a yellow paint scrunchy. She has a paintbrush on top of her left ear. She wears white overalls with an orange splatter on it and with one pink sleeve and one orange sleeve. She has a skirt that looks like a yellow palette with pink and white paint dripping down. Her shoes are mismatched with one of them being orange and the other being pink. She's wearing socks that match the color of each shoe.


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