Crystal Snow is a Lil' Shoppie released in January 2018 as a part of Happy Places Season Four. She was also released as a full-sized Shoppie in May 2019 as a part of the Dance Style! line.


Happiness is warming up in hot style! Crystal Snow has it all wrapped up when it comes to style on the slopes! Never frosty and always ready to share a hug, Crystal is always falling for the next trend to show in the snow!


Happy Places

Crystal has pale brown skin with white and indigo eyes to match her lips, which are lined in lilac. Her lilac hair is worn in tightly curled drill twin-tails with white tips and snowflakes randomly decorating them. Her bangs are pointed and swept to the right with white lining, and she wears a large white snowflake on the right of her head. Her outfit is composed of a dull purple long-sleeved dress with fluffy collar, lining the bottom of the skirt, and sleeve cuffs. Hanging from the bottom of her collar is a white set of pom-poms. She also wears white gloves and tights, and dull purple boots with fluffy cuff.


This version of Crystal Snow is based on an ice skater. Her skin is tanned and her lips pale blue to match her eye-shadow. She has a tiny snowflake in each eye an her cheeks have a rosy blush. Her long crimped hair is worn in a thick ponytail with white streaks and her bangs brushed aside and partially pulled back. She wears a royal blue pair of earmuffs with fluffy ear-pieces, snow on the top, and two snowflakes. Her top is white and navy with a large snowflake at the middle and matching beneath the shoulder sleeves. Her skirt is a scalloped four-point of light blue gradient, covered in snowflakes. She also wears pearl blue tights and white ice skates with a fluffy cuff.


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