D'lish Donut is an ultra rare Bakery Shopkin from Season One. In Season Five, she was released as an ultra rare Charm.


Favourite Hobby:

Playing golf and basketball

Your friends would describe you as...

Super sweet but with a competitive edge. I'm always trying for the perfect hole in one!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Cheeky Chocolate

Where do you hang out?

In the Bakery section

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Favorite Sport:

Golf. She always gets a hole-in-one!

Loves When:

There's a light frosting of snow on the ground


Glazing Pottery

Best Friend:

Cheeky Chocolate

Bad Habit:

Frittering the day away

Favorite Color:

Cinnamon brown


"I dough-know what I'd do without my friends!"


D'lish Donut is a golden brown donut with hot pink frosting and light pink lips. She is coated with blue and pink heart sprinkles.

Her variant is a golden brown donut with brown chocolate frosting and pink heart sprinkles.

Both versions of her are lightly coated in glitter.

There is also an exclusive Limited Edition variant of her from the Food Fair blind bags. This variant is a pink donut with shiny gold frosting and pink lips.

In Season Five, she was released as an Ultra Rare Charm. There are three variants of her. The first variant features her as a golden brown donut with hot pink frosting and light pink lips. She is coated with blue heart sprinkles. She has a pink charm handle.

The second variant features her as a translucent golden brown donut with hot pink frosting and light pink lips. She is coated with blue heart sprinkles. She has a pink charm handle.

The third variant features her as a pink donut with metallic gold frosting and light pink lips. She is coated with pink heart sprinkles. She has a metallic gold charm handle.

There are also two exclusive variants of her from the Shopkins Jewelry Box playset. The first variant features her as a purple donut with light pink frosting and light pink lips. She is coated with light pink heart sprinkles. She has a light pink charm handle. She is lightly coated with glitter.

The second variant features her as a pink donut with purple frosting and purple lips. She is coated with purple heart sprinkles. She has a purple charm handle. She has a pearlized finish.

There is also a variant of her in the Unicorn Fan Club pack. This variant makes her a dark pink fading to white donut that is lightly coated in glitter.

Another variant of her was released for the Oh So Real Mini Packs line. This variant is a pink donut with orange icing and pink heart sprinkles, and she has light blue feet. She comes in the Mother's Animal Crackers Mini Pack.


  • Her exclusive variant Limited Edition from the Food Fair blind bags is a limited edition for that side season.
    • This variant is described as having a bling finish, however it differs from the bling finish on the limited editions from Season Two in that it's not a coating of glitter but rather just a shiny gold layer of paint.


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