Daisy Petals is a Puppy Patio Lil' Shoppie released in January 2017 as a part of wave one of Happy Places Season Two. She was also released as a full-sized Shoppie in Febuary 2017 as a part of the first wave of Core Shoppies.

In August 2018, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Pretty Petals Secret Lock as a part of Lil' Secrets Season One.


Happiness is picking a bunch of her best friends and playing on the puppy patio with her petkins. A down to earth girl, Daisy Petals understands the power of flowers and is always showering other Lil' Shoppies with blooming wonderful gifts.


Happy Places

Daisy Petals is a light-skinned girl with yellow eyes and peach lips. She has wavy blonde hair and wears a white daisy flower crown. She wears a green leaf-like top with a white floral collar and a white petal skirt with yellow ombré. She has green leaf shoes with white daisies around the top and strap.

Large Doll

Daisy Petals has long ankle length blonde hair worn in several thick curls with a daisy flower crown around her head and a vine wrapped around one of her curls adorned with daisies. Her lips and eye-shadow is dark peach, and she has very pale pink blush. She wears a leafy top trim with yellow petals to accent the daisies on top, and on her right wrist is a daisy bracelet. Her white petal skirt is in two layers with a faint gold ombre, and she wears gold heels with a daisy on the toe and around the ankles, and leaf on the sides of the foot.


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