Dottie Cakes is a Disney Lil' Shoppie that was released in 2017 with the Cupcake Kitchen Theme Pack as a part of Disney Happy Places Season One.

In January 2018, a new version of her was released with the Breakfast Nook Theme Pack as a part of Disney Happy Places Season Two.


Happiness is...
Creating awesomeness in the Cupcake Kitchen! Sweetening up her Besties with cupcake creations is what this swirl of a girl loves to do! With a cup of cute and a spoon of style, it's the perfect recipe to create her Happy Place!


Cupcake Kitchen

Dottie Cakes has a pale complexion with pale pink lips, eyes, and hair. Her hair is worn in two large buns and her bangs are neatly brushed with an off-center split and her thin forelocks curling inward on the tips. She wears a big cherry-colored bow covered in white dots and a white ornament on the side. Her light blue dress is trim with pink ruffles and has a white apron at the middle, adorned by a large cherry bow and a black Minnie head with a bow on it. She also wears white frilly socks and black shoes with a bow on the corner. 

Breakfast Nook

Her skin and eyes are the same, but her lips are cherry-colored and her hair is slightly darker. Her hair is worn down with her bangs entirely pulled back, and she wears a small bun between her large red bow, which is covered in white dots and Mickey heads. Her new outfit is composed of a pink blouse with red mickey heads and dots to match those on her white skirt, and her sleeves are lined in raspberry ruffles. She also wears raspberry heels and gold tights.


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