Ella Sparkle is a Disney Lil' Shoppie that was released in 2017 with the Bedroom Theme Pack as a part of Disney Happy Places Season One.


Happiness is...
Creating a bedroom that is a slumber party palace! A fun space that's totally perfect for playing games and sharing secrets with your friends. It's far too early for Ella Sparkle to go to bed when the clock is racing to midnight! She makes sure to make every minute count in her Happy Place!


Ella has tanned skin and fuchsia lips, and her eyes are light blue. Her hair is the same color, worn in wavy pigtails. Her long bangs and forelocks combine with a loose curl so far down, and she wears a gold decorative headband with a carriage at the middle and a lavender ribbon. She wears a white frilly dress with pale blue long-sleeved fabric over it and a ribbon holding it together, adorned by a gold emblem. This is paired with violet frilly leggings and light blue slip-on shoes.


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