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Exclusive Shopkins are a team of Shopkins introduced in Season One. The characters in this team include playset exclusive Shopkins, and other Shopkins that are exclusive to certain packs.

Season One

Season One Exclusive Shopkins include Pumpkinella, Coco Nutty, Rolly Roll, Hot Apple Pie, Margarina, La'Lotion, Curly Fries, and Sponge Cake. Also included are the Shopkins from the Vending Machine.

Season Two

The Season Two Exclusives include Strawberries and Cream, Suzy Soda, six mini eggs, Miss Candy, and Rolla Tape.

Season Three

Some of the Shopkins from the Food Fair and Fashion Spree side-seasons are considered part of the Exclusives team.

Season Four

Season Four Glitzi Shopkins, Food Fair Shopkins, Fashion Spree Shopkins, and more are considered exclusives.

Season Five

Season Five Glitzi Shopkins, Fashion Spree Shopkins, and more are considered exclusives. 


  • "Exclusive" is both a team and a rarity for Shopkins characters. All Shopkins that are in the Exclusive team also have the rarity exclusive, but some Shopkins that have the rarity exclusive are part of different teams (such as Shopkins from the Fast Food Collection).
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