"Fair Weathered Friends" is the 29th episode of the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Don't let the bad weather burst your bubble, make the most of the awesome wind! Plus someone new has blown into Shopville! Who is it?


It's a windy day in Shopville, and the Shopkins are spending it in the park talking about how much they love today's weather. However, one Shopkin isn't too content with the weather--a new friend named June Balloon! June is being blown around by the wind and Lippy Lips tries to hold her down but accidentally lets go of her. June then starts to blow towards the stationery shop where there are lots of pointy objects to poke her. Before she can get there Toasty Pop shoots some toast from their head and June catches it, allowing her to have something heavy to weigh her down back to the ground. By then it seems the wind has stopped... But then Cheeky Chocolate comes by wanting to show off her new leaf blower for the park!



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 29 "Fair Weathered Friends"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 29 "Fair Weathered Friends"

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