Faith Feathers is a Lil' Shoppie released in August 2018 as a part of Happy Places Season Five.


Happiness is... Believing in yourself!
Faith is a free spirit who follows her heart. With an "anything's possible" attitude, she takes on any challenge! Being a place full of mystery and surprise, Faith feels at home in Rainbow Beach! It's where you'll always find what you need!


Faith has a fair complexion with light pink lips and blue eyes. Her hair has an ombre effect with light blue at the top and fades to lavender at the bottom. A lavender headband goes around her head with two yellow feathers on the right side. She wears a blue dress with a feather motif and long sleeves. The collar and the bottom of the dress are lined with light pink feathers and a yellow belt goes around the waist. She wears light pink ankle boots with a single yellow feather sticking up the left boot.


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