Fashion Fever
Ep 17 fashion fever
Episode Number Seventeen
Preceded By Welcome to Shopville
Succeeded By The Spatula

"Fashion Fever" is the seventeenth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Someone in Shopville has fashion fever! Watch now to see who it is!


Toasty Pop approaches a long line of Shopkins waiting outside the Fashion Boutique. She asks Lippy Lips what's going on, and she replies that the fashion designer Shady is going to unveil her new line. When Shady steps out, Lippy Lips explodes and says that she's Shady's biggest fan and that she hopes she will pick her for her next muse. Lippy runs inside the Fashion Boutique, and Shady begins talking to Toasty Pop. In the middle of their conversation, Lippy bursts out of the Fashion Boutique wearing an ugly outfit. Toasty Pop yells, "My eyes!" and a piece of toast pops out of her head and hits Shady in the face. Lippy is shocked, and Toasty Pop apologizes. Shady then exclaims that she wants Toasty Pop to be her next muse, but Toasty Pop declines and says that she's awesome just the way she is. She then suggests that Shady should consider Lippy Lips to be her next muse, but Shady replies, "Maybe not..." Lippy Lips begins to cry, and then Shady leaves and tells Toasty Pop that if she ever changes her mind to call her back. After Shady leaves, Toasty Pop tells Lippy Lips that she can tell everybody that it was Lippy who turned Shady down.


  • In this episode, Lippy Lips refers to Shady as "Shady Diva."
  • When Shady says, "Hello darlings!" her lips do not move.
  • At the very end of the episode, it is hinted that somebody new is coming to Shopville. This was revealed to be the Shoppies.


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 17, "Fashion Fever"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 17, "Fashion Fever"

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