Fashion Frenzy
Ep 21 fashion frenzy
Episode Number Twenty-one
Preceded By Shopping Cart Rally
Succeeded By Vay-Kay

"Fashion Frenzy" is the twenty-first episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Shady Diva is back in Shopville with a brand new fashion collection! Watch now to find out what it is!


Lippy Lips has brought Cheeky Chocolate, Toasty Pop, and Kooky Cookie to the Fashion Boutique where they campout overnight in wait for the unveiling of Shady's new hat collection. Shady eventually comes outside to greet everybody, where she spots Toasty Pop and asks her why she is waiting outside and insists that she comes along inside first, to which Toasty Pop obliges and brings in her three friends along with her. Shady then tells Toasty that she is the inspiration for her newest creations. Then Lippy comes over wearing a hat that resembles a toaster, which freaks Toasty out. Then Toasty sees that there are toast hats everywhere and even becomes scared of her own reflection in the mirror.

Shady insists that Toasty travels the world with her and continues to be her muse, even bribing her with all the free clothes she could ever want. But Toasty Pop declines and says that she's already got the real thing. She pushes for Lippy to go along with Shady, which is Lippy's dream, but Shady refuses. She then sees Kooky Cookie wearing a butter hat, and then exclaims that she has "never before laid eyes on such beauty!" Lippy Lips cries, "You have got to be kidding me!" before throwing off her hat and storming away.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Shady's eye color is blue.
  • This episode's title is very similar to that of the 17th webisode Fashion Fever, which also stars Shady.


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Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 21 "Fashion Frenzy"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 21 "Fashion Frenzy"

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