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Fashion Spree is a range of Shopkins, first released during Season Three. It centers around themed packs of fashion items. It features the Makeup Spot playset, the Shoe Dazzle playset, and the Fashion Spree Boutique playset. There are also three themed collection packs, such as the Best Dressed Collection, Cool Casual Collection, and Ballet Collection.

During Season Four, the Fashion Spree range featured more Shopkins toys. There were blind baskets released that include variants of fashion-oriented Shopkins from teams such as Health & Beauty and Shoes as well as variants of Fashion Spree exclusive characters. The Limited Edition of this side-season is a bling version of Beverley Heels. Also released was the Tropical Collection.

During Season Five, some new Fashion Spree items were released. Three collection sets were released; The Frosty Fashion Collection, Gym Fashion Collection, and Slumber Fun Collection. A large playset was also released; the Style Me Wardrobe.


  • All seven collection sets include a pair of shoes.
  • While the Shopkins in this series are exclusive to their sets, the Collector's Tool lists them as common.