Fleur Flour is a common Bakery and Breakfast Shopkin from Season Six. In the Bakery team, she is included in the Cupcake Princess recipe, the Cookies recipe, the Carrot Cake recipe, and the Apple Pie recipe. In the Breakfast team, she is included in the Waffles & Raspberries recipe.


Fleur Flour: Loves to shake things up in the kitchen. She takes the cake when it comes to makin' baking!


Fleur Flour is a white fading to blue ombré sack of flour. Her top is open, and there is a purple spoon sticking out. She has a pink label that reads "FLOUR" on it.


  • "Fleur" is French for "flower," and it is also an uncommon given name. Essentially, her name is "Flower Flour."
  • She is the only Bakery Shopkin to be included in every recipe in that team.
  • She is the second flour Shopkin with the first being Fi Fi Flour from Season Two.


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