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Fleur Mingo is a Lil' Shoppie released in August 2018 with the BBQ Party Surprise Me Pack as a part of Happy Places Season Five.

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is…Partying around the BBQ with her favorite flock of friends! Fleur Mingo is dressed to grill and loves to cook up a stylish scene with her pink Petkins at the Rainbow Beach House. There’s nothing like some tasty fun under the sun!


Fleur is fair-skinned with vibrant yellow eyes and hot pink lips. Her pale pink hair is short and pulled into buns covering her ears with a curled segment on each side and a hot pink and yellow flamingo ornament. She wears a pale pink feathery dress with hot pink coloring on the chest, light green tights, and hot pink flamingo style heels.


  • Her name is a pun on Flamingo, with Fleur being the french word for flower.


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