The Food Fair is a range of Shopkins originally released in summer 2015 along with Season Three. It centers around themed packs and playsets of food items. It includes themed packs such as the Cool & Creamy CollectionCupcake Collection, and Fast Food Collection. The Scoops Ice Cream Truck playset is also a part of the Food Fair.

In late 2015, two more Food Fair playsets were released along with Season Four. These playsets include the Cupcake Queen Cafe and the Sweet Spot.  Along with them, candy jars were released with two Shopkins hidden inside. The Limited Edition character released with these candy jars is a bling version of D'lish Donut. Also released was the Candy Collection.

During Shopkins Season Seven in 2017, Food Fair blind bags in the shape of lunch boxes were released.



Collection Sets

Other Products

  • Candy Jars
  • Lunch Boxes


  • While the Shopkins in this series are exclusive to their sets, the Collector's Tool lists their rarities as common.


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