Freezy Peazy is a special edition Frozen Shopkin from Season One.


Favourite Hobby:

Rapping with my BFFs

Your friends would describe you as...

Super cool and the best rapper in the pod.

Your Shopkins BFF:

Cheezey B. and Chee Zee

Where do you hang out?

The Frozen food section

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Favorite Weather:


First Memory:

Leaving the pod

Pet Peeve:

Bad manners. He minds his p's and q's.

Favorite Rapper:

Master P


"Be cool!"


Freezy Peazy is a green/blue bag of peas that reads "Peas" in light pink lettering.

His variant is colored green and reads "Peas" in green lettering.

Both colors feature him holding himself as if he's shivering from the cold of the freezer.

There is also an exclusive variant of him from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features him as a peach bag of peas that reads "Peas" in light green lettering. He is lightly coated with glitter.


  • His name is a pun on the expression, "Easy Peazy!"


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