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Fria Froyo is a Shoppie originally released in a Lil' Shoppie Pack for the Happy Places Puppy Patio theme.

In January 2018, a full-sized version of her was released as a Shoppies Core Doll. This version of her matches the Shoppet Snow-Fro.

In September 2018, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Swirls Froyo Bar Secret Locket.


Fria Froyo - A Berry Sweet Shoppie To Chill With!

Sweet, shy and sensitive, Fria Froyo may seem as delicate as a snowflake but she's a cool customer when it comes to standing up for others! Her heart is extra warm, and when her Shopkins - Havana Blue Cupcake and Gerty Waffle Cup join her for a group hug, things get even warmer.

Favorite Hobby: Catching Snowflakes

Shopkins BFF: Gerty Waffle Cup & Havana Blue Cupcake

Favorite Place To Shop: The Pleasin' Freezin' Yogurt Store!

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is sharing a FroYo with her berry best friends! An angel of sweetness, Fria is always ready to go the extra step to make sure that things run smoothly. The Puppy Patio is her Happy Place to chill with her Petkin playmates!


Happy Places/ lil secrets

Fria Froyo is a light-skinned girl with blue eyes and light pink lips. She has lilac hair with right swept bangs, styled in a bun which has strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream around it. She wears a white halter dress with pastel yellow detail and belt. The ruffled, layered skirt has pale pink around the bottom, and on the back of her dress are angel wings. She also wears pastel yellow platforms with bows and strawberry decorations.


This version of Fria Froyo looks vastly different than her first version. She has slightly tanned skin and her eyes are pale blue with lilac flecks and a tiny snowflake icon, and she wears faint white and azure eye-shadow and lipstick. Above her right eye is a snowflake. Her hair is purple and worn loose, with a segment just slightly longer and worn over her right shoulder. Her lilac and silver tinsel bangs are entirely pulled back. She wears a fluffy headband decorated with cream, strawberries, blueberries, and mint leaf. She wears a pale blue dress with frost covered berries on the lower right corner and a geometric pattern covering it. Her skirt's bottom is trimmed with fluff to accent that around the top of her chest and shoulders, which has a strawberry on the left corner of the chest. She also wears azure tights and fluffy boots with two blueberries on the left corner of her left foot.


  • In the Happy Places line, her name is spelled as "Fria FroYo".