The Glitzi Ice Cream Truck is a themed playset from the Food Fair range. It is a recolor of the Scoops Ice Cream Truck.


Want the scoop on how to beat the heat with cool things to eat? The 'Scoops Ice Cream Truck' has arrived in Shopville & it's time to chill. Relax in the shade with some cool friends who are sure to melt your heart! This treat truck is icy, creamy & totally dreamy!


The Glitzi Ice Cream Truck Playset comes with one truck, two cooler bags, one sign, four exclusive glitzi Shopkins, one ice cream stand, two cones, and two cups.



  • There are two variants of this playset. They both come with Kylie Cone and Wally Water, however, one pack also includes Fishtix and Yo-Chi, and the other includes Ice Cream Dream and Popsi-Cool.


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