Goldie Bow is a Disney Lil' Shoppie that was released in 2017 with the Waffle Kitchen Theme Pack as a part of Disney Happy Places Season One.


Happiness is...

Working up the perfect waffles to create "Breakfast Perfection". This girl can mix it with the best when it comes to fashion and flavor. Always straight to the point, she never waffles on. She knows exactly how to create her Happy Place!


Goldie Bow has tanned skin with gold eyes and pale pink lips. She has short red hair in large, curled sections framing her shoulders, and her bangs are split off-center. She wears a white chef hat with a Minnie Mouse waffle and bow attached. Her outfit is composed of a pale blue blouse and a gold skirt with a pastel pink frilly apron worn over it that has a Minnie mouse waffle attached, white leggings, and gold shoes with the same waffles on the front.


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