Ep 19 halloween
Episode Number Nineteen
Preceded By The Spatula
Succeeded By Shopping Cart Rally

"Halloween" is the nineteenth episode in the Shopkins cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

When the clouds over Shopville start to crumble and tear... that can only mean one thing - Halloween is in the air!


It's Halloween in Shopville, and a creepy narrator tells what goes on in Shopville during Halloween! The narrator says,

"When the clouds of Shopville start to crumble and tear, it can only mean one thing... Halloween is in the air! Spiders spin their webs... Creepy, crawly, and spooky! And the full moon in Shopville makes everyone act a little kooky. And the jack-o-lanterns glow to life, with fire in their eyes! Ghouls and ghosts sneak up on you, and boo with surprise! Black cats cross your path, bats swoop down from the night, witches ride on broomsticks and cackle with delight. The clock strikes twelve, a scream cries out, 'Something's crawling on your head!' There's nowhere you can hide from the terrors outside, not even in your bed! Long shadows will make you jump as you peer across the street, and a Shopkin will come a-knockin', it's time for trick-or-treat! Happy Halloween from the Shopkins!" (maniacal laughter)


  • This is the first episode that doesn't end with a character saying, "Check ya later!"



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 19, "Halloween"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 19, "Halloween"

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