Happy B. SUV is a Season One Cutie Car. She is included in the Bumper Bakery Collection.


  • Name: Happy B. SUV
  • Model: Speedy SUV
  • Features: A sweet luxurious chocolate interior
  • Likes/Dislikes: Loves to make wishes come true!


Every day is a happy day for this Cutie Car! A real party car that will do anything to make her friends wishes come true! Any reason is a good reason to celebrate.


A brown spotted bear SUV with a thick band of pale pink around the middle. She has a winking expression and her mouth is open. Her wheels and interior are fuchsia. On top of the roof is melting white frosting covered in dark blue, pale blue, and fuchsia sprinkles. At the center is cream and a blue lit candle.


  • She is referred to as a male in the Cutie Cars Sketch Surprise Road Trip book.


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