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Shopkins Happy Places is a side range of Shopkins that was released in August 2016. They are a line of collectible Petkins that are all based around furniture and home accessories. The dolls that come with many of the Happy Places sets are called Lil' Shoppies. These Petkins do not have names as the collector's guide only reads what the item is; ex. "Antique Clock."

The four original categories include Puppy Parlor, Kitty Kitchen, Dreamy Bear, and Bathing Bunny. Additional categories include extensions to previous categories, Slumber Bear Party (Dreamy Bear) and Kitty Dinner Party (Kitty Kitchen) and separate Bunny Laundry, Mousy Hangout and Puppy Patio. The type of Petkin depends on the category. For instance, only bear Petkins will be found in the dreamy bear category, and no where else. The Limited Editions, which there are two from each category, are Heirloom Petkins.

The blind packages are "Surprise Delivery" packs and they are cardboard movers boxes that come with three Petkins and one tile that can be used to connect and make a floor. Welcome packs include one Lil' Shoppie and multiple Petkins, while Decorator's packs only include the Petkins. There are also separate packs called Lil' Shoppie packs that contain one Lil' Shoppie and two Petkins.

The large playset for the Happy Places range is the Happy Home which comes with multiple Puppy Parlor Petkins and the Lil' Shoppie, Popette. Additional playsets include :

  • Walmart exclusive Sparkle Hill Happy Home which comes with multiple Kitty Kitchen Petkins and the Lil' Shoppie, Lucy Smoothie.
  • Party Studio which comes with exclusive Slumber Bear Party and Kitty Dinner Party Petkins.
  • Games Room and Laundry which comes with exclusive Mousy Hangout and Bunny Laundry Petkins.
  • Pool and Sundeck which comes with exclusive Puppy Patio petkins and the Lil' Shoppie Peppa-Mint.
  • Happyville High School which comes with exclusive Sporty Bear Gym petkins and the Lil' Shoppie Rainbow Kate
  • Grand Mansion which comes with exclusive Cozy Bear Bedroom petkins and the Lil' Shoppie Chandelia
  • Happyville High School Prom Night which comes with exclusive Princess Puppy Powder room and Pretty Kitty Dance Hall Petkins
  • Happy Stables which comes with exclusive Pampered Pony Stable petkins and Lil' Pony Ponicakes
  • Happy Home Makeover which comes with exclusive Quiet Quarters and Pretty Pad petkins.
  • Happy Places Rainbow Beach House which comes with exclusive Lounging Around and Bathing petkins
  • Coral Reef Retreat which comes with exclusive Relaxing Ripple Lounge petkins and the Lil' Shoppie Pearlina Mermaid.

Product Description

"Happy Places is a miniature range of super cute Petkins furniture and accessories that live with their Lil' Shoppies friends in Happyville!!!"


Each category includes one to six Lil' Shoppies and/or Happy Ponies.

Puppy Parlor:

  • Kirstea (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Popette (Comes with Happy Home)
  • Sara Sushi (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Chelsea Cheeseburger (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Popette (Comes in Movie Night Besties Pack)
  • Jessicake (Comes in Movie Night Besties Pack)

Kitty Kitchen:

Dreamy Bear:

Bathing Bunny:

Slumber Bear Party:

Kitty Dinner Party:

Bunny Laundry:

Mousy Hangout:

Puppy Patio:

Hungry Puppy Cafeteria:

Sporty Bear Gym

Clever Kitty Classroom

Mousy Art Class

Bright Bunny Science Class

  • Cici Science (Comes in Welcome Pack)
  • Marie Degree (Comes with Sparkle Hill Happyville High School)

Cosy Bear Bedroom

​Pretty Kitty Dinner Room

Gourmet Kitty Kitchen

Cozy Kitty School Camp

  • Ella Rain (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Crystal Snow (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)

Pampered Pony Stables

  • Ponicakes (Comes in the Happy Stables)
  • Jessicake (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Cutiecorn (Comes in Happy Pony Pack)
  • Poni Crumbles (Comes in Welcome Pack)

Bearly Ballet Class

  • Pirouetta (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)

Princess Puppy Garden Party

  • Bridie (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Bella Bliss (Comes in Happy Pony Pack)
  • Marsha Mello (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)
  • Royal Prancer (Comes in Happy Pony Pack)
  • Tilly Tulip (Comes in Welcome Pack)

Puppy Patio Pool Party

  • Coralee (Comes in Lil' Shoppie Pack)

Beary Delicious Cooking Class

Sleepy Shores

  • Pommie (Comes in Surprise Me Pack)

Lounging Around

  • Pineapple Lily (Comes in Surprise Me Pack)

BBQ Party

  • Fleur Mingo (Comes in Surprise Me Pack)


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