The Heart'n' Seekers Tribe is a team of common Shopkins introduced in Season Nine. These Shopkins all have a Hidden Hearts finish, and parts on them can be taken off to reveal removable plastic hearts that resemble Sweethearts. This team matches the Shoppie Valentina Hearts and the Shoppet Squeak Sweetie.

Official Description

A tribe of true romantics, they put their hearts into everything they do! Especially when it comes to matchmaking! Everybody loves Valentina Hearts and her Shoppet Squeak Sweetie because they are never afraid of saying "I Love You!"


The Shopkin Candy Kisses is a returning character.


  • The artwork for these Shopkins on the Season Nine checklist shows a hidden heart in the right corner of the artwork. However, the characters section on the official Shopkins website uses artwork of these Shopkins that do not include the hidden hearts.
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