Hotdog Hotrod is a Season One Cutie Car.


  • Name: Hotdog Hotrod
  • Model: Convertible Cutie
  • Features: Bun Bumpers for a comfy ride and soft crashes!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes to race other Cutie Cars. He's a real fast food!


A very fast food who tells it like it is - He's very "frank!" With saucy GT pinstripes he looks as good as he tastes! A favorite with the fans, Hotdog Hotrod's favorite pastime is watching sports!


Hotdog Hotrod is a yellow convertible with slightly lighter wheels and interior. His muzzle is white and he has red dog ears. He has wavy ketchup and mustard lines on his sides and top. The hood piece is red with a portion of hot dog sticking out.



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